The Importance of Security Guard Patrols

In this day and age, the importance of having security guard patrols cannot be emphasized enough. Since the inception of Close Circuit Television and other security measures, people have begun to disregard active security patrols. This view point having been shown through stereotypes on television as well as the internet. A stereotype showing that security guards are lazy and unreliable. However, in the real world, the negative impacts of not hiring Security Guards have become more obvious, as the personal security of people being compromised has unfortunately risen over the last decade. 

Nevertheless, Private Sean Security & Investigations a leading security company is working tirelessly to provide quality security services to the people of the US so that they can enjoy peace of mind and security wherever PSSI has been dispatched.

Why are Security Patrols Important for Businesses?

Prudent business owners understand the importance of security patrols. Their very survival depends on effective and efficient Security teams. For those that do not, the following information may be helpful:

Businesses are the Primary Targets

Commercial and Retail businesses hold the most value for undesirables and thieves. If they succeed in their attempts to steal, the chances of them returning again and again are quite high. Large or Big Box businesses can suffer greatly from this as it is hard for their employees to keep an eye out over the entire store. Let alone the way the law ties their hands, makes the employees of the business less inclined to prevent theft themselves.

If these and other businesses are properly fortified with the right Security force, the amount of theft can decrease significantly including preventing it from happening at all. 

Loss of Revenue and Assets causing Negative Impacts.

Successful businesses generate a lot of revenue; both at a local and an international level. Therefore, they have all the more reason to be protected as well as their assets. If either the business or its assets are prone to theft and or destruction caused by thieves or undesirables, the profits of the company will greatly depreciate. The loss of money means that businesses will cut back on goods, services and even possibly employee hours/benefits to make up for the shortfall caused by the loss. 

Keeping these things in mind, Private Sean Security & Investigations is working on and developing unique security solutions that ensure the maximum protection of their clients. Through their efforts, this allows them to put forth new innovations that are required to deal with modern day criminals.

The Protection of Physical Media is Necessary.

Customers trust companies to keep their personal information and data safe. Network security is focused upon to prevent cyber attacks. The Physical Media in this case being the servers and databases are generally ignored by comparison when it comes to Security. By having Security Guards doing active patrols in and around the server rooms, this can guarantee that all aspects of the Customer’s data can be protected, not just what is online. 

Why are Security Patrols Important for Neighborhoods?

Residential neighborhoods are often in need of security guard patrols. The difference between Commercial/Retail Businesses and Residential Neighborhoods is that business owners know they require security. Residential Neighborhoods on the other hand can be very unaware of their security needs. 
At this point, we’ll begin to look into the importance of security patrols for neighborhoods. 

The Security & Wellbeing of People will be Compromised

Without an adequate number of security guard patrols, the safety of families in high-risk neighborhoods is greatly diminished. Lack of security measures could not only lead to an increase in crime, but it also has the potential to see an increase in gang activity. 

These criminal gangs through their activities would likely cause a rise in crimes of a felony nature. Left unchecked and unprotected the effects of these activities can lower property values, cause the residents to that stay in these neighborhoods to live in fear.

Residential Neighborhoods are Easy Targets for more then just Gangs.

Educational measures can be taken to prevent the rise of criminal gangs. However, what cannot be stopped with just Education alone is an external threat such as a Syndicate. Average citizens are already an opportune target for them. If there is a noticeable lack of security patrols, syndicate members will use this opportunity to take advantage and perform criminal activities in and around the neighborhood.  By the time people are alerted to this situation and serious action is required, it may become too late and the syndicate could become entrenched.

Social Harmony Between Neighbors could get Disrupted.

Having a security force such as those from PSSI patrolling a neighborhood can not only provide excellent security but help foster a positive social harmony amongst the residents. If crime is allowed to run rampant and unchecked, the morale of the residents can plumet and cause feelings of despair and or hostility. A neighborhood left in this fashion will not improve and can have the residents working against each other for their own needs instead of the needs of the community. Social harmony will further ensure that there will be peace and consolidation regardless of what happens. Nothing may be as important as social harmony.

Impact of Having Security Guards on Premises:

Security guard patrols have the benefit of being in several places at once. Whether they are located on the streets, to the gates of buildings and even in CCTV rooms the security teams of PSSI can cover them all. Private Sean Security & Investigations, a leading security company are training their guards to monitor and secure premises beyond just standing in place or looking at a screen like other companies do. In addition, they are being provided with the necessary tools to strengthen the security in those places.

To expand upon this further, let us look into the importance of security guard patrols:

·      The Ability to Counter Scouting

In most cases, an incident will occur from an outside source. That means the individuals who aim to steal from a location usually send in one person to scout out the location. Later returning with their new found knowledge to take advantage and get away with what they can get ahold of. Even if they have monitored the security inside the premise, they may not be able to understand the full extent of the security team and system, which puts the security patrols at an advantage.

·      Exits can be Blocked Efficiently.

If criminals or undesirables enter the premise, and a security patrol is on duty at the same time, they can efficiently block the area and prevent the criminals from escaping with any assets or products of the business. Once blocked off they can co-ordinate with the police and any external security to make sure that the criminals are taken into custody with no risk to anyone involved. This is a superior option then just having Security Guards outside where they may not realize something is going on inside the premise until it is too late.

Final Recommendation:

For the absolute best in the safety of your employees, customers and property, we highly recommend Private Sean Security & Investigations. They provide their clients with highly experienced and well-trained security guards. In addition, PSSI also has a variety of state-of-the-art security solutions and services that you the client can benefit from. Private Sean Security & Investigations are ready and waiting for you to become our next client and join our family of satisfied customers. If you’re ready to hire us to protect what is important to you, give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be there, because we care.