Offering covert and plain clothed investigative services.
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Corporate threat assessments, Employee threat evaluations, and employee discharge support.
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable.
We meet with our clients to develop covert surveillance plans to evaluate corporate and franchisee locations to insure all employees and facilities are meeting your organizations needs.
Private Sean Security & Investigations Services provides the services of a solid security and investigative team that is focused on meeting all the needs of Washington organizations and individuals. The list of services below reflects only a small portion of the security and investigative services we offer to Washington enterprises and individuals. We offer specific service configurations that meet the exact individual needs of each and every client. At Private Sean Security & Investigations, we know that your particular needs cannot be met by a “one-size-fits-all’ type of solution. Instead, we provide a custom assessment of each client’s particular security needs and make recommendations based on your particular set of circumstances. This attention to detail, customer value and customer peace of mind is what truly sets Private Sean Security & Investigations apart from its competition. Contact us today at 206-830-0006 so we can execute a custom assessment of your security needs.
Private Sean Security & Investigations offers the following services:

Security Services

Signal of South Puget Sound

Investigative Services

All of our security specialists are bonded and certified in accordance with all applicable Washington rules and regulations. All of our team members were carefully screened and selected. All security personnel have undergone proper security training for full compliance with all regulations. Contact Private Sean Security & Investigations today and put our highly focused staff to work for you.

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